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Answering Service

Customer Engagement Service

Across all channels, we can answer your customers anytime 24/7/365

Our Live Customer Service Agents are ready to answer your customer calls, emails, texts and webchats. Over 200 well-known brands outsource their Customer Service, Service Desk, and Support Desk to Waynua.

We have the experience and understanding in what it takes representing your brand.



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Waynua Pharma Tier 07

End-to-end, always on!

End to End On-Call Rota Management

Whether it’s your own people or a 3rd party, we are your single point of accountability taking ownership of your customer calls. We’ve always got your back, whatever the need we ensure that both you and your clients are covered, connected and in control.

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Filtered to perfection

Triage will see you now

We make sense of why your customer is contacting you, we turn conversation into clear action plan. We perform powerful call filtering, be it a high priority requiring immediate action or a next working day follow up, we point your calls where they need to go. We will not only save you time, improve results and boost experience but we will also will open up new opportunities, simple yet powerful.

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Let there be Light

Real-Time Viewing with Strategic Insights

You can see the live key information important to you at your fingertips with our Dashboard App. Tickets logged, jobs completed, value of jobs and more. Full reporting across all customer channels providing valuable insights for strategic planning.

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Your business. Safe hands.

We talk the talk and walk the walk

We respect the trust that clients place with us. Outsourcing the management of your hard-won customer contracts can appear daunting at first but working with the best has onlylong term positives.

We ensure we have all the knowledge of your business beforehand and have all the required resources in place before answering a single customer calls.

We are also ISO 9001:2015, ISO 27001 accredited, highly trained agents using best in class technology, there is a reason why some of the biggest business and brands trust us to manage their customer experience, your in safe hands.

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Your business safe hands

Meet the future

We bring all the Tech Integration

Accessing the knowledge in a building, Smart Building Technology, BMS, Critical Alerts, IoT, - we have the Technology & IT personnel to meet the modern age. Technology applied well has the power to make the complex simple, to streamline and empower, we can show you how.

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The Bigger Picture

Its not just about answering your calls

You can dramatically reduce your operational costs and create additional contingency even with a part-time resource. We can be there for your in overflow mode or during scheduled or unscheduled events to ensure you meet your customer SLA's.  

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Seamless support