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Solutions for Finance & Insurance

Securing your customers

WAYNUA  - 24 Hour Outsourced Customer Service

Keeping Customers happy means making every interaction count. With WAYNUA your customers get the Customer Service they need, when they want it and through the channel of their choice.

Happy customers are repeat customers, and that's what makes a good brand great.

WAYNUA empowers your business by giving you all the channels to communicate with your customers 24/7/365. Live agents on the phone, Live Chat, Social Media Monitoring, Self Service, Email and automation

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Great Minds Think A Like

We Know what is needed

Quality and Compliance is important to us. We offer you total clarity on your customers communications, call recording, Screen Recording, ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 27001 Accredited, GDPR, NDA, Indemnity Insurance, right up to a fully documented Service Agreement & Data Protection Agreement.

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Working behind the scences

Back Office Administration

Waynua is a 24 Hour Operation. Interacting with your customers as the first point of contact is one thing, we also provide back office administration to support your business communications that create efficiencies allowing you to concentrate your efforts elsewhere.

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Let Data Lead the Way

Build the best customer experience works better when it is driven by data. 

With Waynua data collection across all channels, our data reporting will provide you with strategic insights that allow you to make the best informed decisions to drive your business.

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Be Bot Baloo Bop

Voice is preferred but not the most effective

Web BOTs, Voice BOTs and Self Serve are becoming increasingly efficient provided they are maintained. We have the teams and the technology to supply and maintain the automation that is becoming the new voice.

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Come in and Meet us

Before you choose your preferred Contact Centre provider arrange a visit.

See the service in action, meet the people who will be answering your customer calls and representing your brand.

Let us provide references from your industry peers.

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Up, Down, All Rounder

We Are Flexible Up or Down

Your service requirements can be rapidly deployed, flexible up or down to suit your business through scheduled or unscheduled events. We supply and manage the people and technology giving you a more cost effective solution versus in-house.

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