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Solutions for healthcare

The Best Health

Patient Focussed Care

The demand for Healthcare is escalating. Waynua can help you meet these demands in the community, your medical facility, or the services you provide.

We support Patient Care for Mental Health, to Nutrition, appointment setting, and providing customer service and support for medical diagnostic equipment.    

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All Channels, All the Time

However and Whenever your Customer wants to contact with your brand.

Waynua Customer Care Centre is a 24/7/365 Live Agent Service Centre. Through Live Telephone Calls, Email, SMS Text, and Web Chat, we can support your business products or services by being there for your clients when they need you.

We supply you with the technology software and customer service agents.

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Responding to their hearts needs

Diagnostic and Medical Device Domestic Support

If you are in the business of providing medical equipment and supplies in a domestic or commercial environment, it is critical that you give a voice at the end of the line no matter what time of the day it is. WAYNUA is your strategic partner to provide this support. 

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Let Data Lead the Way

Building the Best Customer Experience is best when data drives it.

With WAYNUA Data Collection across all your channels, our reporting will provide you with the strategic insights that will allow you to make the best-informed decisions to drive your business. 

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Appointment Booking HelpDesk

People and Software 24/7/365.

Waynua can provide you with a complete outsourced Appointment Booking & Management Service. We have vast experience handling more than 10,000 medical appointments per month using live agents, web chat, SMS, and automation.

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Sharing is Caring

Visualization, not just telling

During a telephone call or webchat, our agents can share an application your customer uses or their entire desktop, improving customer experience and minimizing escalation.

Screen sharing can be used to onboard or educate customers and even send a recording of the interaction for future reference.

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The Bigger Picture

It is not just about answering your calls.

You can dramatically reduce your operation costs and create additional contingency even with part-time outsourcing. We can be there for you in Overflow Mode for scheduled and unscheduled events to ensure you meet your customer's expectations. 

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