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24 Hour Service

Human First, AI-Enhanced Outsourced Customer Service & Support


We provide outsourced Customer Service Departments, Technical Support, and Service Desks. Acting as your customer's first point of contact, our Services are available Full-Time, Out of Hours, or in Overflow mode.

Service provided using Live Customer Service Agents and best in class AI Technologies.


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Give your customers what they want.

Your customers will love their experience with Waynua.

In today's customer-centric landscape, providing tailored experiences is paramount. At Waynua, we ensure your customers receive precisely what they desire.

By leveraging advanced AI-technologies, we empower customers to engage with your brand through their preferred channels, at their convenience. This seamless accessibility fosters loyalty, repeat orders, and enthusiastic recommendations.

Forward-thinking enterprises recognize the significance of this approach, not only in enhancing sales and revenue, but also in cultivating lasting relationships with their customers. Trust Waynua to harness the power of AI to meet and exceed customer expectations, driving growth and success for your business.


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250 Live Customers
10+ Years Average Customer Relationship
52 Years Serving Business

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