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Product Guide

Screen Share

What is Screen Share

Helping Your Customers can be a Visual Experience Too 

Waynua Screen Share allows your customer to share their Computer Screen or Application with our agent during a call.

Why Use It?

Visualization, showing, not just telling. Educating your customer on how to use your product or application, in addition to our agent explaining how to do it on a phone call, we can visually show them on their screen.

We can even record the session and send it to your customer for future use. We can create a Library of typical FAQ's and How To's that can be sent to your customer during a call, at the end of the call, or in a Webchat

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Take Customers Beyond Voice

How it works

Your customer does not need to download or install any software. Screen Share is 100% web-based and works on desktops, tablets, and any mobile with a browser.

During a telephone call or webchat, our agent and your customer can share screens with a few simple clicks.

What are the benefits?

  • Improved Customer Experience
  • Minimize Escalation
  • Visually educate and reduce future repeat calls
  • Turn Customer Frustration into Satisfaction


Our Agent can share your customer's entire screen or just a specific application. Screen Share can be used in conjunction with Screen Recording