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Product Guide

Screen Recording

What is Screen Recording

Continually improve your customer experience 

Screen Recording allows us to record your customer's entire interaction with us during a Screen Share or Co-Browse Session  

Why Use It?

For customers who have been dealt with in a Technical Support situation, the entire screen recording can be sent to them after the call to keep as a helpful look-up tool should they experience the same problem again and forget how to remedy it. A library of short videos can be created and added to your Waynua Web Chat service to allow future self-service.

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Create better efficiencies

How it works

When an agent speaks to your caller, a simple tick of a box activates screen recording for all calls, emails, texts, and web chats we handle on your behalf.


What are the benefits?

  • Improved Customer Experience
  • Allows the creation of a Library of Videos to use
  • Reduce Customer Effort
  • Compliance


Screen Recording is part of our Screen Share and Co Browse Service Offering.