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Product Guide


What is Multichannel

Engage with your customers on any channel and at any time 

Waynua Multichannel is where we supply and manage the channels of communication between you and your customers. Not just a Call Answering Service, we also provide and Manage - Voice Calls, Emails, Web Chat/ Web BOT, Social Media, SMS, WhatsApp, and Live Agents. 

 Why Use It?

How and when customers are communicating with brands is changing. Customers want to use the channel of their choice and at a time that suits them. Smart companies offer this as they know it increases their sales and revenue by giving customers what they want.

Happy customers come back to your brand and recommend you to others based on how easy you make it for them.

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Take Customers Beyond Voice

How it works


Waynua will supply and maintain all the customer channels you need with minimal setup required. Whatever channel your customer uses to communicate, we will be there.

What are the benefits?

  • Improved Customer Experience
  • Competitive Edge
  • Cheaper than In House
  • You benefit from our Technology and People


Best in class technology and people will manage and maintain your service.