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Product Guide

Email Management

What is Email Management

Never Miss another Customer Email

We can manage all your inbound and outbound emails and web forms flexibly and intuitively, so a fast, seamless customer response is achieved every time.

Why Use It?

Never miss a customer email - or respond too slowly. Your customer emails are acknowledged immediately, and our Live Agents process their query in Lightning speed.

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Take Customers Beyond Voice

How it works

As part of our Live Agent Service, you will be assigned the relevant email routing protocols, which allow us to receive your emails and respond with your domain name, so customers think they are dealing with you directly.

What are the benefits?

  • Improved Customer Experience
  • An Increase in online conversions
  • It can be added to multiple channels
  • Turn Customer Frustration into Satisfaction


Provide the correct answers at the right time with pre-definedĀ  responses and processes in place and promote 1st contact resolution.