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Product Guide


What is Dashboards

Real-Time Insights in your Hands 

Dashboards give you the critical Live Information about your Waynua service that matters to you most, when and where you want it - on your phone, your office Wall Monitor, Tablet, or PC.


Why Use It?

You get live Insights on how your business is performing - Value of Closed Sales, Where Sales are coming from, Outstanding Tickets and Jobs, or What Channels are working best for you.

woman on laptop with coffee

See the information where ever you are

How it works

Waynua will tailor the Dashboard to the specific information that matters to you most. Key indicators and triggers integrated within our service automatically update your Dashboards Database, which in turn will produce easy to read graphical information for you.


What are the benefits?

  • Your customer call data converted into live graphical real-time information
  • Know what's working and what's not
  • See immediate results based on the latest information
  • Turn the unknown into the Known


Dashboards can be tailored to display the critical information that is important to you wherever you are.