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Product Guide

Co - Browse

What is Co - Browse


Waynua Co-Browse allows our agents and your customers to navigate (browse) your website at the same time during a call.

Why Use It?

Prospects and customers won't put up with a website that's hard to navigate. If they can't find the information they need on your site, they'll look somewhere else. Co-Browsing provides a more personal experience by showing, not just telling. It allows us to see your customer's viewpoint, help them, guide them, and in return boost your sales by helping them find what they want.

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Take Customers Beyond Voice

How it works

Your customer does not need to download or install any software. Co-Browsing is 100% web-based and works on desktops, tablets, and any mobile with a browser.

During a telephone call or webchat, our agent and your customer can share screens with a few simple clicks.

What are the benefits?

  • Improved Customer Experience
  • An Increase in on-line conversions
  • Reduce Customer Effort
  • Lower shopping car abandonment
  • Turn Customer Frustration into Satisfaction


The feature only shows our agent what is on your customer's web page and not other open tabs or applications.