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First Point of Contact

What is the First Point of Contact, and why should your business avail of it.

The First Point of Contact Team acts as the first impression of your business and the start of a positive customer experience that will boost customer's confidence in your service and product offerings. Above all, the service ensures that all issues and concerns will be resolved quickly and respectfully while also ensuring customer loyalty and retention.

In an increasingly demanding technological world, customers have access to multiple touchpoints for contacting your business' customer support at any time of the day. However, when customers first contact your company, they desire their queries to be resolved straight away. This should be the norm in customer service, failure to do so can often be harmful to customer satisfaction.

There are many reasons why a business should avail of the First Point of Contact Service, especially when it comes to ensuring the satisfaction of your customers. 

Here are the benefits of First Point of Contact 

Knowledgeable Support

When a customer reaches out to your business, they want a hassle-free and fast solution to their problem. The First Point of Contact Team ensures that your customers are being met by a customer support representative that is knowledgeable of your business and respectful of your customer's needs. All call agents are expertly trained to ensure your customers are provided with quick, seamless support. 

Reduced Costs

Outsourcing customer support services can have multiple benefits for business owners, especially in terms of significantly reducing overall business costs. Using a First Point of Contact Service team means that there is no need for hiring in-house.

Information Access

The First point of call agents access your business CRM and diary management systems allowing them to easily access and update customer information. This is beneficial as it will enable call agents to provide customers with a personalized customer service based on past interactions with your business.

Response Time

All agents are coached in providing the highest level of customer service and first call resolution to ensure that queries are promptly and efficiently answered. The First Point of Contact Team may use a call script provided by your business if you require it.

Improved Customer Loyalty

Resolving a customer's issue in the first call is a benefit when improving loyalty among your customers. 

Waynua First Point of Contact service offers seamless support to your customers. Our call agents answer your customer queries over several different touchpoints, including phone, email, sms text, and online support. We integrate with your CRM system or diary management software and adhere to all escalation procedures to ensure that your customer's concerns are efficiently answered.